Don't be.

Basically, I decided to start this blog to document my training while attempting to emulate the greatest detective ever conceived - Sherlock Holmes. To do that, I've broken down Holmes's legendary skills into three (now four, sort of) categories:

1) Observation - The noticing of details that can help us to determine whatever it is we want to know.

2) Deduction - The combining of known facts to reach logical conclusions. Yes, I'm aware that logical arguments put forth by Holmes are usually of an inductive nature. There's a post about it. If you don't know what that means, it's fine - there's a post about it. For simplicity, we'll be referring to the combination of deductive/inductive reasoning as "making deductions."

3) Memory - Pretty self-explanatory. The storing of relevant information for later use. Since we have access to a lot more information via the internet, something that Holmes didn't (in most versions), we'll also be looking into quick ways to access information in other places. I'll also be sure to share my limited but expanding knowledge of mnemonics.

4) Intuition - This is really only touched on here because it is, in my humble opinion, the most fascinating aspect of Mr. Holmes. I'll be writing more about this in depth, but for now suffice it to say that when you have mastered the first three, this will begin to happen automatically.

There's a place where readers can submit pictures (also here) for some real-life deduction practice.

If you like the project be sure to comment with questions and suggestions, and most importantly feel free to learn and practice right along with me. Happy Sleuthing!

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  1. This is most certainly my new favorite blog. I'm glad to be able to learn from and with you.